Minimum 10 euros for a little help (MULTIPLAYER)

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  • Good day guys!

    I am looking someone who could help me build multiplayer C2 game.

    I have my own on server and would like to host the game there.

    No chat, no usernames. I just would like to do something similar to Journey (PS3) but in 2d with some simple sprite interactions in air.

    I would like you to make a capx with events to make that possible which I could just copy to my game and edit only very few things.

    You would just make the "GROUND" where I can put in the characters story and gameplay.

    Minimum pay would be 5euros but it depends on the work and complexity.

    My email is


  • Or just simply type. Capx is not totally necessary.


  • So...Why do you need a multiplayer?

    And what do you mean by "Ground"?

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  • By "ground" I mean that you make a template which I can then use in all my games etc. and edit it slightly myself when needed.

    It shouldn't be very complex.

    Just to connect without any usernames and see other players walking around with minor interactions.

    I need multiplayer because it's fun )

    P.S. Raising minimum pay to 10euros.

  • BUZZ

  • I'm not trying to be mean, but what you are asking is irrelevant since multiplayer integration is in fact very complex just as the manual says and can't be used with a template only by changing a few things since it is very content related.

  • has a good point, the groundwork for a multiplayer game from which anything can be built is only a few events. It could easily be something you do yourself. From that point on it's very much dependant on the game you're making. So your answer is probably no.

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