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  • Hey , Whiteclaws ... What's Up ?

    Hey , Everyone ... I'm currently searching for a menu designer who can make me menus and maybe sometimes icons , bars and menu switching animations ... Example : Iphone and Android Devices Menus

    More Infos , Please ?

    I need one of you to make menus depending on the settings I give you ( Not A lot of Icons , Minimal Content , Bars , Space Behind , etc. ) I suck at doing that and it makes me waste a lot of time ... Really close to Web Designer ... *- All the menus must be exported to C2 -*

    That's All ? Seems easy ...

    Not that easy ... I'm really picky ! I seriousely need top-notch menus ...

    ( Okay , not so top-notch ... But something Mobile Device Users will like and interact easily ... )

    And What about , You know ... {*KACHING*}

    i'll be profit-share , 0.33 % of what the team gets (We are 3) , I'm planning on selling the game to All the existing store and maybe we could do a union ...

    That's All Folks , PM me if you are Interested ...

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  • Whiteclaws, i don't know what's going on.... i already replied your e-mail when you were looking an artist

  • Joannesalfa

    I abandoned the project before even being able to remove the placeholders ,

    I'm sorry ...

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