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  • Ok so youve made your first full game for mobile devices.

    You have exported as phonegap or somehow managed to compile to a apk file.

    You upload the app to the market and then get an error message saying that the app is not compatible and cant be added, or something along those lines.

    You get frustrated. Searching Google doesnt help. The methods shown may be seem too complicated or you dont want to bother with all that.

    Let me make it easier for you.

    I can make any android apk app compatible with the market. I will sign the app with your details and also send you a personal keystore file which you can use as you want.

    Just visit here

    Money back gaurantee and just $5.

    It makes your life easier and you can now upload your new creation to the market!

    (Im making a seperate thread for this as I know from looking around that a lot of people have this problem and this will stop them having to look around)

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  • Can you provide examples of your work and the method you use ?

  • Well My most recent creation was made using Construct 2 (I was learning C2 and seeing its capabilities). I release it as a web game and a android app.

    Then I uploaded it to the market after with custom logo (57 x 57 pixels) and custom permissions after making it compatible.

    Heres the app on the market:

    Click Here

    Heres the app as a web based game (which is on these forums):

    Click Here

    Im doing this for those that have completed an app and is upto date and which is updated occasionally. If you are going to be updating your app alot then I can discuss some kind of discounted deal, like 10 conversions for a fixed price.

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