Making a MMORPG, needing team!

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  • Hello fellow C2-users.

    I am Maurice van Lieshout, a 16 year old student from Holland.

    I wanted to make a MMORPG game, I know its hard and almost impossible now but we can try it at least.

    It will have a SP and MP gamemode and in the MP gamemode players can host there own servers.

    You start in a random generated world with resources like wood, stone and water and more.

    the player needs to gather resources and craft things like swords,houses campfires and more.

    It looks a bit like minecraft and terraria but it has diffrent things.

    Its a 2d game that looks like this

    <img src="" border="0" />

    you need a shelter and food to survive.

    there are no monsters but there are dangerous animals like grizzly bears and wolfs.

    in MP its the same idea as in SP but then there are more humans.

    So This is my plan sort of.

    Now you all think:'' This is too much and cant be done''

    But we can give it a try!

    Now What I need in the team are:

    * Artist

    * C2 scripter

    * multiplayer expert

    I hope that someone wants to volunteer for one( or more ) of the postitions.

    We could later maybe make premium functions to make some money for ourselfs.

    Thanks in advance, Maurice van Lieshot from Holland

  • kappie7 - first of all, good on you for giving this a go!

    My recommendation to you would be to break the project into achievable chunks. I'd even start with making just the single player game first (maybe with one playable area) and building it up from there.

    It's also worth while for you to learn C2 yourself, as volunteers will come and go.

  • Okay Ive made some kind of developing timeline:

    • SP game with "fixed" map
    • SP game with random map
    • SP game with monster AI
    • Lightweight server
    • MP game with "fixed" map
    • MP game with random map
    • MP game with monster AI
    • Combing SP and MP into 1 game
    • Finishing touches
    • Release for beta

    do you like it?

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  • Hi there! Can I join your team? It sounds interesting and such, and i'm fairly good with C2.

  • kappie7 Hey hey hey!:)

    I do like your idea, it seems really hard.. but that'd be a nice experience!:D I'm kinda newbie, tho.. let's say my scripting skills are like 4/10, drawing 2/10 and network is 0/10... So, if you think that my poor skills might come in handy for you, I'll be glad to join! At least, for the SP part, i believe i can handle that:)

  • kappie7,

    ambitious projects like yours tend to fail, especially those run by volunteers. I have a couple techniques to deal with that, but they all take a ton of work.

    If you really believe in this project, here's a task for you: create a design document of AT LEAST 50 pages, containing location, setting, story elements, game mechanics, monetization schemes, technical roadblocks (and proposed solutions), spending forecasts, mockups (your first post shows a sample, you need one of those for each mechanic, even if it's just a drawing on a napkin).

    You'll also need what's called a "Work Breakdown Structure", which is basically dismembering the project into multiple components, and making them into a "unit of work" that a single person can produce. So, for instance, you might have a section called "map", and it in turn is divided in "fixed map" and "generated map", with an explanation accompanying each of those.

    You'll probably quit once you start writing the document, so instead of creating a humongous .docx file, post regularly on this topic instead. This way you won't be paralyzed by needing to make a huge blob of text, we'll all be able to discuss the project, you'll attract more volunteers, and the whole forum will get to see your work come to life.

    Just my two cents.

  • Just my two cents.

    No, no, much much more than two cents' worth!


    Fimbul has given you absolutely brilliant advice. Following it will set you on the path to success (no guarantees that you'll get to your goal, though!), while not using it to make your roadmap will see you lost, wandering and distressed, in the wilderness of Unfinished Projects.

    Have you got Scott Rogers' Level Up! ? That will give you more detailed practical guidance on each of Fimbul's points. See, for example, his 'Level 4: You can design a game, but can you do the paperwork?.

    Best wishes!

  • I'd aim for mp co-op before anything, multiplayer is very difficult.

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