Looking for volunteers for an online CCG game

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  • Hello everyone,

    Edit(Volunteers will get a percent income based on how much profit we make as a whole)

    Firstly sorry if the title is a bit confusing. But I will explain here.

    I have been working on ideas and theorycrafting for a new online Collectable Card Game.

    I have got the core of the game design down and how it's going to work.

    I just need you lovely artists and programmers to help me fit the pieces of the puzzle together!

    I do not have a name for the game yet, and it would be voulnteer work for the time beign. If and when it gets up and runnning there will be pay involved!

    Basically to sum it up.

    I need a programmer or two to work on the main coding for the games mechanics and to eventually work on the online functionality of the game.

    As well as this I need artists for the cards themselves, there will be a lot of cards so this means a lot of artwork for each card.

    If you are willing to work with me on this promising project,

    Please don't hesitate to get back to me, send me a personal message.

    I have skype so if you want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me for my skype contact information.

    I really hope to hear back from some of you soon!



  • Edit to the original post.

    I also require the services of a web programmer to work on the website when the time is right.

    Hope to hear from some of you soon!



  • bump :)

  • Usually these 'I need people to make this game for me' posts don't produce much results unless you pay upfront. :) Bringing something solid (art or programming) to the table yourself would also generate more interest!

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  • vee41, it's not like that :)

    I am a designer, just need people to work with me on it :)

  • "volunteer" and "a lot of artwork " is rarely a good combination.

    Why don't you offer a % of the potential income?

  • That's actually a good idea,

    But the thing is, I can't guarantee if there will be or how much income there will be.

  • No one can. ;) That's the whole thing with ventures. Any entrepreneurial undertaking is risky with possibly no to high rewards. Those with potentially higher rewards usually have a bigger risk of no reward, and those that are pretty safe bets usually have smaller maximum rewards.

    You'll probably get more responses if you have a proven track record that you can finish projects and how well those did.

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