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  • Hey, I'm working on a 2D game made with flash. It's a side scroller and it's supposed to have a story and a campaign and some cutscene animations. It's apocalyptic and the art is something like "dusty, not shiny, with a lot of shading and dirt" not like those cartoony characters you see, but rather dirty and dark, more realistic looking. But of course not actually realistic because it's drawn with vectors. I'll show you source at the end.

    The game is mainly an adventure, horror game. There will be some action, but mostly just puzzles and story. Yes it's about infected attacking humans, and having to overcome the apocalypse.

    The art is a bit similiar to clear vision, if you heard about that game. Look at the backgrounds and you will see what type of art I'm talking about. This image is added as an example.

    You don't have to professional. Just a decent artist. This game will mainly be made for steam greenlight and for sale if greenlit successfully.

    Contact me at if interested. Post any questions here please.

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