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  • Hey everyone! My friend and I are working on a game using construct2, but we could use extra help from someone who has experience developing for the android platform. I have art developed, just looking for help with the controls, and other various code related tasks.

    I am a graphic designer and I'm trying to get some more work done for a game art portfolio. You can check out my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/phraktoldesigns) and see quite a bit of my various art, I also have some of the concept art for the game in development available to view on this website: crowboat.com/index.php/gallery (Theres only a few images)

    Im good with anything really, most of my experience is in logos and marketing /promotional design, but Im starting to do more cartooning.

    I can send more art too, and I'm working on my website so once it's finished I'll have more of my designs more easily viewable.

    Until then, would anyone be interested in exchanging skills?

    Thanks for your interest! :)

    **edit** I can also produce high energy electronic music. I produce mostly dubstep but I could try different genres/styles for you as well. You can listen to my music at soundcloud.com/phraktol

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  • What kind of a game is it ? I�m interested ;)

  • Hey Darklinki :)

    I don't want to discuss too much about the game in the open forum but it wont let me PM you lol. But basically the game will rely heavily on the tilt function of mobile devices, and will also require tapping.

    is there a way I can contact you personally? I'd tell you a bit more. if you use Skype send me a message my username is insaynnyasni

    Thanks for your message

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