Looking for testers for Bleak Fortress

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  • Hi everyone,

    This is related to this game:

    Before releasing any prototype public in the next weeks. I know this is going to be only an early prototype but i prefer doing this step first since i haven't done any localized tests. I am currently looking for 5-8 volunteers to test the prototype soon (2 week before the release). I need at least one that can test the Linux build and one the MacOS build.

    The idea is to test the cross-platform feature, controllers (both keyboard, gamepad) if possible, framerate, general feeling of the game, suggestions, early bug that can be fixed before releasing the prototype. You will somehow form the early prototype testing group (so i can get an idea).

    If any of you are interested. Just send me a PM.

    I will edit this post once i found the volunteers.

    Thanks for the support!

    EDIT 2014-04-27:

    If i forgot someone please lets me know! So far we have...

    Mr E Bear Windows

    Vanz Windows

    onur Windows

    Draspur Windows

    Beaverlicious MacOSX

    casual2 MacOSX

    Dominic Linux

    A big thanks to everyone that wanted to be part of the prototype test. I really appreciate it!

    I will still take 1 more Windows test request until Monday! During that time you guys can start anytime to test it and come back with feedbacks. Once you guys will be done testing, i will send a very short survey.

    Thanks again! Your feedback are very important at this stage.

  • I can make the MacTest on Macbook and iMac if you like!

  • I can make the MacTest on Macbook and iMac if you like!

    I sent you a PM. Thanks for your support.

  • I can test on Windows.. if helps

  • Got your PM looking forward to it.

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  • I'd love to help test (Y) Windows user

  • Ok! I have sent a PM to everyone that requested to be able to test.

  • Yeah no problem. Will give you some feedback as soon as possible

  • I can help as well, windows /windows 8!

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