Looking for teamates on a serious project

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  • Hey there !

    I learned a lot about construct and now I am ready to start the project I thought about for a long time.

    I want to build a pixel art roguelike/arog game and I am pretty good with the coding thing but I lack in art knowledge and skills.

    That first full game is a project for fun but it is also serious for the fact that if we can accomplish small things, than bigger will come.

    Who likes that kind of game and would be interested in joining the team ?

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  • I'm particularly looking for 2D Pixel Artists but if you have other skills, be free to talk about it

  • Please tell me what an "Arog" games is.

    I've used Construct 2 for a few weeks and figured out most of the UI.

    So if you'd like help from me, just reply

  • Haha, sorry I didn't notice the error, I meant ARPG. What are you skills ?

  • I've coded with Tynker allot, so i understand variables,clones.

    I've started a 2d platformer like super mario bros with Construct

    I've figured out setting text to variable,angle, distance,.

    I like coding AI, sprite movement. I'm not much of a Sprite artist.

    I'm currently using Sketchup to make a mansion and save different camera angles as sprites to use for a point-click puzzle game.

  • i can do 2d animation

  • Interesting.. what that ARPG game? RPG or what?

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