Looking for a team to develop a simple game [Hobby]

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  • Hi everyone!

    I've been using Construct for quite a while now, but I've done so alone. That's why I'd really like to make a game in a team, partly for the experience, but also because it sounds like fun! There's no commercial intention in this project, but even though it's a hobby project, I'd like to work with people who can work on a project seriously. So for those of you who are interested, here's what I have to say about myself:

    • You can see most of my work on my site. The best game I've made though is (arguably) Dreams and Reality.
    • I don't have any particular idea in mind, so the plan would be to brainstorm on something together. Regarding my tastes in genres, I've mostly made artsy/experimental games, but I also really like action-rpgs and action/exploration games.
    • I'm a sucker for organization/productivity apps, so if you like using stuff like Trello, Slack, etc, that's awesome.
    • I can do a bit of everything, but I specialize mainly in design and programming.
    • I don't have much free time though, so I'd like to aim to develop (and finish) something simple.
    • Almost forgot to mention that I'm using the paid version of C2!

    That's all, hope to hear from you!

    (PS: If you're working on a game and think I'd be interested in it... send it over! If it's a cool project I'd love to work on it.)

  • I was thinking of doing something in c3 for the gamejam coming up. (go to the scirra blog if you haven't heard about it yet)

    That would be fun as a group project.

    let me know if would you be interested in joining up for the jam.

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  • celstrider Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I think teaming up for a jam might be fun, but I'm not sure yet how busy I'll be at the time of the jam, so I rather not commit yet. If I end up having time though for the jam I'll tell you!

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