Looking To Team Up With An Artist To Create A Free2Play

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  • Hi Everyone,

    Im looking to form a two man team,Me and another artist to create a survival game similar to Dont Starve.


    Dont Starve is a survival game that takes place within a tilted topdown enviroment its similar to alot of sandboxs games but identical to none.,I think that C2 is perfect to recreate something similar for PC and Mobile Tablets.The art style is not AAA s and i would not expect that from anyone.What i do expect is someone willing to see this thing out until the end.I would love to help an artist just as much as i would love to get help from an artist to release a great game to the public.

    I have never made any games as of yet that have been made public and would love to change that.

    I have a few prototypes to show anyone who is interested.Pm me if you want to team up.Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

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