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  • Hello!

    I'm Paul.

    I'm here, as a programmer, looking to put together a game development group!

    I can program in a handful of languages, but I'd like to start out with something like Flash.

    Then, as long as everyone can advance as a whole, move up to something in the 3D area.

    I've toyed a bit with a few 3D engines, but I never went the extra step to really get into it.

    I want to though! So expect a 2D to 3D change at some point..

    But again, I'd like to start out with Flash. It would help a whole lot to already know your way around the program.

    Right now, I'm running CS5.5, using ActionScript 3.0.

    I've been able to put together a pretty good amount of games in Flash. My biggest breakthrough, being a revamp of Pokemon, is currently being written in AS3.0, the server in C#, and a mix of PHP and MySQL to finish it off. This is my first online game as well, so it's pretty big for me!

    Everything runs real smooth ( at this current build ;) ), and all bugs that show up get fixed with no problems.

    I'm pretty good at what I do! My only setbacks are finding people who are willing to team up with me for the sake of just making some games!!

    It's way too tough for me to focus on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE GAME, alone, and get things done in a timely manner.

    If we can put something together and stay dedicated, who knows what might happen down the road!

    Anything's possible.

    So to anyone who's in the same boat as me, who can help me out with these fields, and just wants to make some games, send me a message!

    I'm basically in need of anyone that does something other than programming:

    • Graphics/Animation/Design
    • Sound/Music
    • Voice?

    And of course, we all have to be able to stay on the same level. If one person has an idea, and the rest of the group decides it's good, but you don't; just work with it. Chances are this is going to happen to everyone at least once. The more ideas you bring though, the better.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing some responses! : D

  • Still looking!

  • Do you have anything to show off your ideas/talents? Might at least get you some more bites :)

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  • My Programming section on my site:


    Doesn't have a link to my above mentioned Pokemon game, because this is still being tested in a select small group.

    I have a few ideas for new games, but nothing 100% solid.

    I'd like to see what I can work with and start to mix in ideas then.

    I'm open to build any type of game! Just needs to all be agreed upon.

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