Looking For Sprite/2D Artist To Work On A Game For Portfolio

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  • I have an upcoming project i have to make for my game development class. A final project that defines what i want to specialize in, which is level design and doing the coding for the game. This project will be due on the 21st November.

    This final project would be making a game showing off these skills. I can change the game idea if worst comes to worst. I want to make a 2d puzzle platformer most likely involving playing as a wolf and solving puzzles to get through the level. For example, pushing an object on to a switch. I have specifically chosen this genre as i feel it showcases both areas of specialization well.

    My question is this basically, i haven’t had much luck finding sprites that match what i need so would anyone be willing to create art in 16 bit style or pure 2d art, whichever you prefer and matching what i need (A full list will be given once i compile one, i just need to find someone willing to help first). I would give full credit to you in the project as well and i am willing to show my progress to you if you want. I can give you a working copy of the game as well if you just want to have it in your portfolio. The school i am currently making the game for is Friends of Design if you want to see the course i am doing(game development course).

    The game would be shown not only to my school but it should also be shown to various businesses looking for potential employees in game development areas such as art, coding, music creation etc.

    Let me know if you’re interested or willing to help. Thanks, I’ll give you more details then if you are.

  • Glcelebi

    If you want, I could try helping you with your project a little bit, just because I want to improve my skills, but you still need to find an artist for the important art assets. What do you think?

  • Any help is appreciated. Thanks, the art doesn't have to be spectacular as thats not what i'm marked on, just makes it look nicer when showing it ofcourse. My other reason looking for an artist is that i would rather focus on what I'm being marked on. Send me an email () i can contact you with or add me on steam by my steam id glcelebi

  • Glcelebi

    I sent you an email

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  • I've sent you a reply with sample images and such.

  • Just a note, I currently am receiving help from programmer25, if there are any artists with a bit more experience willing to help as well, it would be appreciated and what i mention above such as giving credit and providing a copy of the game if you want it still applies to other artists willing to help as well. Thanks

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