Looking for sound designer "Blizzard style"

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  • Hello there,

    I'm working on a small game at the moment, alone, and one thing I can't do is the sound design.

    You can take a look on the project there (it is still very early stage) : ourotorrus.tumblr.com

    In the future I would like to associate with a sound designer who is passionate with very over-the-top sounds like in those blizzard games (diablo, heroes of the storm)... I love those and it kind of remind me mangas and anime as well which fits with the atmosphere I try to create with my project.

    All this, for now, is an amateur production and there is no money involved. That would be for fun before all although I'm sure it's possible to make a pretty good quality game with cool graphics gameplay and sound design if you're passionate enough !

    If anyone is interested to associate let me know !

    Also if you're not interested by the offer but you find the project interesting, I try to communicate more about it so I would be pleased if you can follow me on twitter ! twitter.com/ourotorrus


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  • The animations of your game are very very nice

    About the music thing: No money, no honey

  • Haha, yea I know...

    I am obviously open to any kind of service exchange as I don't have money, I can exchange my design/animation skills for sounds !

  • Ok!, I would like to help you them. It´s a nice deal.

    By the moment I don´t need any graphics for my games or apps, but I could need something in the future because Im very bad with the graphic design.

    I´m not the best with the audio, but the sound thing is very easy to do for me, and with the music I have experience because I used to make hip hop beats in the past. You can check it here:

    We can try <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    You can mail me in davidmuniz82@gmail.com to tell me exactly what you need.

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