Looking for someone to commission for 2d polished game art

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  • Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to commission who would be able to make some 2d game art for my game. I have already made the game, but the current graphics do not look as polished/modern as I would like. I have linked some photos of a range of what I am looking for.

    If anyone is capable of creating graphics like this, please send me a message as well as a portfolio so we can further discuss more details and what I am specifically looking for. Thank you.

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  • Hello, My name is Esteban Moreno and i am a selftaugth concept artist and designer from argentina. Art is my passion and i work with different traditional and digital techniques. I enjoy to design different kinds of humanoids, creatures and characters.I love challenges, so i expect to learn something new with each piece i make. Im an expert with aliens and fantasy stuff.I have experience with video game development teams, and also with fantasy books authors. Here are some samples of my works:



    Kind regards


  • Hi there,

    I would love to work with you on this project,

    Is there an email address i can contact you on?

    Or could you send me an email at ,

    So i can send you some portfolios and quotes

    Look forward to hearing from you!



  • Hello. I am a developer and Artist. I would be a great fit for your project. I am available for freelance work and can be contacted at:


    my portfolio can be viewed here:


    my website is:


    Calvin Cox Jr


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