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  • Hello everybody,

    I am looking for a person or company to help product mobile friendly versions of my games.

    The person or company will have an C2 Business Lic. and an Apple ID.

    I have a google play account.

    Basically all that is required is compiling the games for mobile friendly devices and all ISO rev is yours with proper credits to me. All Android rev is mine. The games I am creating are a new type of game, even though you may have seen versions like them. They have a special twist that will make them valuable to the customers that I am marketing to.

    I will not disclose the full details of the games with out a written agreement waver. Agreeing to a non-compete and that proper credits will be given. Also a term for breaking of this agreement is a $50,000 usd buy out.

    The games are not to be given away free and will contain no ads.

    If you believe this is for you or your company and are willing to put it in a legally binding agreement.

    Fill free to contact me. Jeremy C.

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