Looking for a skilled partner(s) for game dev! :)

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  • Good day! :)

    I'm looking for a skilled partner (1 or more) to make more cool games and money.

    My name is Artur, 21 y.o., live in Russia, English proficiency level is B2 (upper-intermediate).

    I'm creating games for Android and iOS. Now I have published 7 games. Every game tested its own hypothesis and now I've come to Minecraft-like games.

    My income from Google Play and AppStore admob (no in-app purchases yet):

    - month before last: $3.5

    - last month: $44

    - this month: ~$185

    I like games with an interesting plot. Games like that are pretty rare for mobile. I want to make people really HAPPY playing them, not like stupid zombies (tap-tap-tap)! ;)

    It would be great if you:

    - Have income from your games

    - Worked at mobile company (unlike me :D)

    - Understand the monetization of games (1 have ~0.01$ LTV now, that's too low).

    - Have some useful skills like design or smth.

    - You are an honest and kind person (IMPORTANT!)

    - Really like games

    I have experience in setting up targeted advertising as a freelancer (so now I'm getting installs for 0.02-0.03$, in very small quantities though) and experience in not-IT start-ups, but now I know that I want to make games only, it's my main hobby.


    Now I want to create minecraft-like game with better monetization! I prefer to complete game in 2-6 weeks. So I want to get fast result.

    If it's interesting for you and you're good at Construct 3, write me:

    Skype: artyr189

    E-mail: gamekurs007dii@gmail.com

    Let's make friends. Networking is useful. Together we can "become bigger"!

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