Looking for a senior expert c2 developer for paid job

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  • We're looking for a skilled c2 developer for a fighting game similar to super smash bros, with a story campaign and a multiplayer mode (online). We need Health bar over character, the player can jump, attack and use special skills. The game will be more complicated and we give you all details later. The developer must be very professional and expert cause this game will be published on the various mobile store. We can talk better about this thing but for this moment i need to know who will be the developer of this project, please give me some information about your skills and experience.

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  • First of all senior sounds a bit funny here because C2 is only 2 years old.

    Then if you really want to be professional C2 is not a good solution for mobiles. You should use Corona SDK (if you aim exclusively for mobiles. It's completely free) or Unity 5 (for multiplatform, it's free too).

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