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  • Hi all,

    Unfortunately I do not have huge amount of money to throw at app development, but I am interested in investing in good quality graphics.

    I am currently making a game that requires the follow graphics:

    Red Blood Cell


    White blood cell (Neutrophil, macrophage)

    Background image of an artery

    And a few other bits and piece.

    I expect the graphics to be vector, I do not need a huge amount of detail.

    If anyone is interested in this job, please either PM me or email me at , please have a couple of example of the graphics you have done before and an estimated cost of the above graphics, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    I have many more projects so if you are reasonably affordable and I like your style there will be a lot more work.

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  • Hi federer365

    I've sent you an email, looking forward to helping you with this project.


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