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  • Hi all,

    I'm new here and this is a first post. I'm interested in Construct 2 and its capabilites, at the moment I am working on a project of my own and require some basic games to help make the website more interesting. I have a small budget and am looking to get a few basic games done, for a reasonable fee.

    This seems like a freindly forum with lots of genuine people. Just wanted to ask what a rough price would be for the following. I also hope to use this game to learn how to make some of my own, but currently time is something I do not have.

    So the first game I require is as follows


    It is a counting game of random objects with different colours. The game displays a random amount of a similar item and asks a question, lets say a bucket in different colours. The player has to pick from a list of given answers (say 1-10). So for example the game displays 4 buckets, 1 red 2 blue, 1 green. The game then asks "How many Blue buckets are are there". The amount and colours are randomized every time. Having a total of 10 rounds, the player can then choose to restart.


    * Ability to generate the random quiz

    * No graphics needed but a simple template that can be easily swapped over

    * The possiblity of different difficulty levels (higher numbers to count)

    What would a base like this cost roughly and how long would this take?

    I would only work through Paypal for payment if that is ok.

    Thanks for your time

    Kind regards


  • Hey mate,

    If you have families, I could knock it up in about 10 minutes for free. If not, it's a bit too annoying sorry ^^. You could also just post in the 'How do I..?' forums and get a pretty good response.

  • Hey mate,

    If you have families, I could knock it up in about 10 minutes for free. If not, it's a bit too annoying sorry ^^. You could also just post in the 'How do I..?' forums and get a pretty good response.

    Use multiple instances, different frames.

  • Tobye

    I have families and would love to see that... please

  • Animare

    I threw something together that does what you want. I had a bit of fun with building it though, so maybe it's not as direct as you would like, but it does show how to use several different objects (arrays, functions, lists) and some loop conditions. So, I believe it could be a helpful learning tool :)

    Here it is! Let me know if you have questions.

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  • Tobye Thanks. I really appreciate that. Would you be OK if I wrote a tutorial on this? Of course I would credit you.

    I wrote one tutorial and I just seem to learn better that way <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Animare I think you will find that Construct 2 can do almost anything you want in 2d. I was using yoyogames Game Maker Studio and I find C2 to be much easier to `code` with and the Scirra software comes with so many working templates AND the forum here and the on-line tutorials have so much useful information and many members eager to help out ... I mean you just got a freebie now from Tobye .... .

  • - Yeah no problem, go for it! But for a tutorial you should clean it up a little bit more. I only spent about 20 minutes on that.

    You should also play with those two issues I state, about the objects created in loops not being able to be referenced until a new tree begins and the need to wait for an array to get made/changed. You may want to change the way those parts are setup depending on your tutorial. I left them in to show the quirks and ways around them.

    And yeah I think you will always do better making a tutorial than just doing your own thing, because you need to explain it. And when you explain your ideas to yourself you often see problems ^^

  • Thanks, I will do my best

  • Wow,

    Totally wasn't expecting this! I have no excuse now for giving this a crack myself and learning it. Thanks guys, really appreciate it! Think I'll definitely be using Construct 2 to create these simple games. I'll dig through your example Tobye, thank you very much. And I'll look out for your tutorial Producermark!

    Thanks guys


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