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  • I have a game I want to make for my son with thoughts of possibly tossing it in the google play store for use on the nVidia Shield TV system. I currently have two musicians making game music for me. A friend is using his recording and mixing equipment to help create the game effects. I also have two voice actors that are helping with narration and character voices.

    I basically need someone that can get me started with the Construct 2 programming, and help me out when I run into problems. I could trade graphic design work or 3D modeling or ? Or if needed I could possibly come up with money. I just lack programming experience and would like to have someone help me with developing my first game. Kinda like a tutor I guess. If interested, contact me at and I will fill you in. Thanks!

  • This guy here is crazy for new games, specially making them with daddy =D

    So, I understand your frustration while dealing with non-expected behaviors.

    Why you don't try to make it and when running in trouble, you come here and ask for help!?

  • This guy here is crazy for new games, specially making them with daddy =D

    Handsome little guy!

    My son is 4-1/2. So I know what you mean. Breydon has burned through half the games on Google play, and is currently working his way through the App store

    [quote:152pr8x0]Why you don't try to make it and when running in trouble, you come here and ask for help!?

    That was my original plan. But I am facing a lot of learning curves. I have never created tilesets and am struggling with that simple little task. And I have spent the last couple months learning Spriter, Illustrator, etc. I am not in a hurry by any means. But I have been watching numerous tutorials on Construct 2 and have yet to find one that tells me what I need to do to make the game the way I want.

    I think I am going to use the Asteroids example to get this started. The game will be a lunar lander type game. If anyone wants to jump in and help, hit me up

  • If you don't care, I'll be doing a sample of it and placing it to the Arcade Tutorials, as other games I already did there, so, if you run in trouble and want figure out without much stress, you'll be able to check it by 28/12/2016 =]

  • That would be great! You mind if I send you a PM?

  • No, you can send without problem. If it's a doubt about events, maybe be better to share with the community and help folks in the same trouble =D

  • I have yet to start programming. I have tried starting using various example files. But nothing seems to do what I want. My problem so far is simply getting started. I don't even know where to begin

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  • I like to start with the game itself, the player behavior, AI and the stage, leaving the menu and other things for end, so, be able to focus in gameplay. Games for kids sometimes ask for a little bit of AI in the behavior, to help them play when they repeat a challenge more than one time, or they will give up easy.

    E.g. I had a game where my son was typing, like "Mario teaching type", when the stage was using only single letters, he was well playing, but when it become to throwing some words, he instantly asked me for help, and I recognized the need of an AI to help him if he miss some letters of the words, so, when he type a word missing one or two letters, the AI will simple bold the missing letters and ask him to type them in the end.

    Another sample was in a jump game like Mario, he fell of the platform while jumping by two times, and I did an AI to help him in the third try, so, when he pressed the jump, it was too late, but the AI recognized the edge and jumped before, confirming the jump button with a delay by using a condition listening with a gap of time to happen =]

    Kids are awesome and they deserve more attention, but today games are hard, bad explained and bad oriented in many ways, throwing different types of gameplays without even introducing a world or telling the player what is happening and what the game expect to the player, what objective and reward it will give.

    Your game sounds amazing and certainly will introduce kids to the Science by teaching them about gravity, speed, acceleration and the most important, with a nice reward when finishing it with your animations.

  • I don't plan to have text on the screen that will confuse them. Simple shapes will be plenty. Any game instruction with be in audio form. A friend of mine is a comedian and will be doing any narration for me. I am going to move this discussion over to the how-to forum.

    I would still love to have some help program this. I am finding that every little thing I try to do it is taking me hours of searching to find an answer. And of the 5 or 6 things I have tried to figure out I have yet to accomplished anything. I do have my player flying around. There's no animation yet, and he isn't flying the way I want him to. For being a program that requires no coding - "sprite>rotate clamp(self.angle,50,150)" sure looks like code to me. And I'll be d##ned if I can figure out how to use it LOL I'm gonna keep tryin

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