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  • Hello, I am Peter from Poland. My greater achievement is winning in a competition on polish programming site NukeBoards with my C2 game. I am looking for some people that will help me finish my game What the Dark Keeps.

    It is an open world, rougelike, survival top-down shooter with elements of RPG. Yeah, sounds crazy but I try to make this game happen.

    Right now I need help with advanced inventory system i planned.

    I would warmly accept anyone contributing to my project. I put my game on IndieDB and Steam Greenlight but yet, it still needs some quality content to show publicly.

    So, if you want to help me finish the project, let me know. WtDK is open for programmers, music composers, social managers and even maybe graphic artists. Monetizing would happen after release of the game on Steam or other gaming platform and making noticable profit.

    Have a nice day, I hope You will contribute in the game's success!

  • Dzien dobry Peter,

    I am a musician and sound designer from England. Unfortunately I am unable to post links to my work on here as i have not long registered on the forum. If you are interested in listening to some of my work please private message your email so i can get in touch that way.



  • Hi Peter,

    Tried to send a private message but again due to my low rep because I have not long signed up on here I am unable to. Maybe private message your email and I can forward some of my work to you. Or you could email me from my profile (if it's showing).

    Sorry about this, not much i can do about it.


  • I can not find your email. I'll send you a pm with mine.

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  • Thanks Peter,

    I've emailed you the info.


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