Looking for people to form a team for fun/learning.

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  • I want to form a team that would produce many smaller games at first but eventually move on to larger scale games. Oh yeah and have fun while doing it!

    Requirements to be on the team:

      Passionate about video games Willing to learn if you don't already know( in other words it doesn't matter if you are experienced or new as long as you are willing to learn and have fun doing it ) Likes working with other people( may seem obvious but thought I'd include it) Contributes ideas if you have them ( this team is NOT a build what I say thing. The games that we will make will be decided upon as a group and we will consider everyone's ideas to make it better) I do have a couple game ideas and would mention them in discussion but ultimately the games we designed will be decided upon as a group. Doesn't really mind what genre we work on ( We will most likely work on many types of games: some platformers, some shooters, some rts...you get the point )

    So again just because this is an important point to me. I do not care if you are brand new or not. If you meet the above requirements you are more than welcome to be on the team. We will make games yes, but we should also help each other learn and gain experience.

    Now about me for a bit. You may wonder what it is I am contributing to the team. Well firstly and probably more than anything I will be a programmer, it is what I know best and enjoy doing. Secondly I will do my best to organize team meetings and help lead discussions, acting more as a general game developer, although this will mostly be new to me I will do my best. Finally I will do what I can to make sure this team has fun and makes games. If you are wondering why I want to do this the simple answer is to have fun as well as add some games to my portfolio.

    So if you are interested and meet the requirements please contact me by either sending me a message on here or perhaps even better email me at

    Be sure to mention what timezone you are in and what times work best for you for messaging.

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  • morg198

    Can I join? I really like your idea, and I want to get more experienced sooner, because I am free during the summer.

    I can do both programming and art, but Im not good at them yet.

    My time zone: (city Sofia)


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