Looking to pass the hand on an already published mobile application (french speaking required)

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  • Hello, I'm looking to pass the hand on the development and maintenance of the French mobile application "Ampélograf".

    The project was made with a team of different entrepreneurs using Construct 3, originally C2 runtime.

    The application is a kind of guided tour to explain how wine is made, from planting vines up to what type of glass to use.

    There are a lot of texts/dialogs in "fixed screens" and mini-games to explain the different processes.

    This was made and published before the object JSON existed, so I have done some sort of parser to handle the visit.

    The application can unlock its whole content thanks to physical "passport" that contains a code. A team handles the hosting and handling of the database and of those codes for the commercial and technical aspect.

    The application made in Construct 3 is embedded in their own "shell" which then communicates with the database.

    This is a complex project, code-wise. I'd really be more comfortable passing the hand to an advanced user.

    French speaking is an absolute requirement. Google translate will NOT cut it.

    If you are interested and want to discuss further, send me an email to contact[at]kyatric[dot]com

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  • I'm still looking for someone that would fit this description.

    Please share this and do not hesitate to get in touch.

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