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  • Hi there,

    I need some assistance with a game I've been working on for some time now. I'm looking forward to starting a kickstarter campaign soon to help fund the game. I have most of the concept, ideas, artwork, etc ready to go. I have the basic framework of the game done but not all the details. The details and scope will basically be decided by the level of funding we receive from kickstarter. This will be my first game and first kickstarter, I haven't attempted anything like this before so some of this will be learn as I go.

    I'm looking for a partner to work with. I'm basically spending too much time right now working on things that I have no talent for. I am in the process of starting up a facebook page for the game, twitter, blog, etc etc. I'm looking for someone who has some artistic ability. I don't have a lot to be honest. I know how I want the game to look and be presented. I'm not necessarily looking for someone to draw artwork for the game although if you could that would be a fantastic bonus. What I do need is someone that is talented with art programs and can make avatars/backgrounds with supplied art work. Basically decorate the facebook and other pages, to make everything look really nice, and maybe design the menus, and create a .PDF manual for the actual game.

    I really need a kickstarter video edited for the kickstarter page. I will probably have one video that won't require a lot of editing with information about myself and the project and why people should invest in me, and another being a trailer for the game. This is of the upmost importance. Everything else I can do on my own but I'm wasting too much time on this stuff with my limited artistic skills. If you also have skill at c2 programming and want to help with the game itself I'm open to that as well. We will come to some sort of agreement for profit sharing based on the level of participation you are able to bring. I'm basically going to be working full time on the game once the kickstarter is up and running, so even if you are able to help part time in getting this art work out of the way it would be much appreciated.

    I have found the Construct 2 community to be very helpful, knowledgeable and honest. Therefore I've decided to start my search for a partner here. I will give full details on the project and a start up package to any prospective partner to bring you up to speed. This will have all the artwork for the game, documents with ideas and rules. I'm looking for a trustworthy individual like myself that has a passion for indie gaming and is looking to use this opportunity as a platform to bigger and better things. If it works really well, maybe we can do our next project together or I can return the favour and work on your game. Please send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Just an update.. Apparently I can't send or reply to PM's because I haven't earned 500 reputation as of yet. Please anybody who has send a PM send to my email at and I can respond from there. Thanks so much

  • apparently I'm not permitted to post my email address... lol its davesno1 at start dot ca

  • Hi there Nesteris,

    I'm not sure why you'd reply to my post if it isn't what you are looking for. You might get a better response if you actually reply to the posts for what you are looking to do. I'm also no sure why you would say I want someone to make the game for me based on what I wrote. In fact I stated that I already had a good portion of the basics of the game made myself and was simply looking for an artist to help out with the kickstarter because I'm not good at making art . Not because I want someone to "do the game for me". Infact originally I wanted to do the game all by myself but I've come to the realization that it would be better to get a lot more backers with some more professional artwork and reduce my workload in the area I'm not so good at while benefiting the whole team.

    I have already put 6 months + of work and design into the game and all I need are a couple of banners/headers, avatars, etc. It only makes sense to get some proper art done for fundraising so "we" (as a team) hit our goals and the game gets funded. I want the artist to be attached to the work and be a part of something not just hired for a job. I'm on disability and haven't got a lot of money to spend up front unfortunately. I have actually received quotes from artists in regards to making or editing a kickstarter video and the other small pieces of art I need for the fundraising campaign. These people actually have professionally quoted the amount for each service and copyrights, and have presented me with a portfolio of work and have told me how their artwork would fit into the game. If I wanted to spend money right off the bat I would just have my pick of these artists and have the one I like the best do the work based on their portfolio.

    Hence the reason I posted this, I would much rather have a partner or two for the game. Instead of hiring an artist for just the art I need now I would rather someone come onto the team and help out with the kickstarter campaign, and put their name/stamp on the project. Then when we will have the funds to make the game, the art will be all by the same artist throughout the game to keep the vision intact.

    That being said, at this point I've placed an ad in my local classifieds here in Canada and actually found someone already to do the art for the kickstarter. He's right next door in the next town over and we will be able to meet up to discuss the game and details, etc. He believes in the vision of the game, and the importance of a good team. So he will be my main artist and will be paid in full for what he says he needs once the kickstarter has been backed.

    I'm not sure if he will be able to do the kickstarter video or not though, so if there is still someone out there that would like to join up I'd love to hear from you. I would like to keep the team between 3-5 people and I could use another person familiar with construct 2 or a backup artist/video editor. This is a unique project, and we are a mature group of people. We are looking to treat this like a fun project, not a job, but still making sure everyone gets adequately compensated.

    Thanks for your time, if anyone is interested in more details please send me an email because I can't respond to PM at the moment. Or PM me your email address and I'll write you back.

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  • I have Sony Vegas 9

    So, if you need me to do a kickstarter trailer i'm fine with that all I need is some gameplay footage and some features the game has then I can do it with ease.

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