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  • I have an app based on my daytime job, currently available on the Play store. I have taken best practices for bed bug treatments and placed them into a mobile app. I've received positive feedback on the content of my app, but the UI is in need of some tlc.

    I want to redesign the app from the ground up with UI as a major part of the design. I also want to add extra functionality such as adding multi language support. A few other features as well, but I can add those. I really need the help with UI and maybe a translation or two.

    I cant really offer any upfront payment but I am willing to offer profit sharing once published. There is a worldwide epidemic of bedbugs happening at the moment, so the potential user base is massive. This could be a paid app, subscription model, ad revenue app, or we could make it and sell skins of it to pest control companies or housing authorities. I'm open to that, but I want to focus on rebuilding the app first. Make it pretty and functional first.

    Anyways, heres the app in its current state.


    If you are interested, please let me know.

    Have a great day

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