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  • Hello!

    So before I get into details about what we're working on next, I would first like to explain a little about the project and how it's progressing:

    We are working on a Multiplayer game that eventually will have a number of advanced features and will be working within a MySQLi database. At the moment we have been working to create a community and within the next month we will be looking to start a Kickstarter!

    The project itself is called 'Roleplay Dream World' ( ) You can see a demo and some basic details on the website.

    The Next Step:

    Next we wish to begin adding Multiplayer functionality. We already have a database set up with a small number of users (Who have signed up via our Joomla Site) Now it's time to add a login screen and allow for multiple users to roam the current screen and use the chat.

    Who We Need:

    We are looking for people who have experience in working with Multiplayer features within C2. Though I have been dabbling in it myself it's still a learning curve so I'll be learning while doing it.

    Artists are also something that will be very helpful! Avatars, Scenes, Layout, UI, badges/achievment art etc - All for the game itself, however web art is required too such as mascots.

    What You Get:

    As we're a small start up at the moment the work will all be volunteer for the beginning. However from that you get:

    • Full access within the game
    • Full Credit with links to website/Email for contact
    • Important Roles within the community (As available and dependant on your ability to fill them)

    Should the Kickstarter be a success:

    • Payment for previously done work (Dependent on available funding AFTER all essentials are paid for)
    • Future career opportunities (should our plans for memberships work out to achieve future funding of the project).

    You also get to be a part of a team, creating a game not for profit, but for the benefit of an age old community spread around to the far reaches of the internet. A new home for Roleplayers and Socializers.


    Not all functionality in the near future will be made with C2 as some of it will require custom work, knowledge of HTML/PHP/JQuery/Java will all be great additions!

    All members of the Development team will also be required to sign NDAs (Non-disclosure Agreements) to protect the project's property and the property submitted by other team members.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or via email: (Or Skype: Its_JustMike)

    Thank you and I look forward to interested parties!

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