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  • Hello there!

    We are looking for an artist to finish the remaining maps in our tower defence game. Development is very much in full swing and we are fairly close to entering a closed beta phase.

    Unfortunately our longstanding map artist has just picked up a high profile project which will require his full-time attention and so we are currently looking for an artist to help finish the last couple of maps to be featured in 2112TD.

    I'd recommend taking a look at some of the screenshots at the links below. This should give you a feel for the artistic style and level of detailed expected.



    This role primarily involves the creation of the 2D map art to be used in 2112TD. There are 11 maps in total that will feature in the game and just two left to create.


    2112TD is a tower defence game for Android and iOS combining both classic tower defence and real time strategy features. Set 100 years in the future, the player must battle inter-dimensional hell spawn across the solar system and defend Earth’s colonies from total annihilation.


    The game is going to consist of 2D and 3D elements but it will be coded using mostly 2D sprites and still images. This is to create that classic strategy game feel.


    Each piece map needs to be completed bi-weekly. So in total it shouldn't take much more than a month working very casually to finish the role requirements.


    What software and tools you use to create the artwork is completely up to you, so long as you feel confident matching the existing artist style of the already completed maps. Instructions on how to prepare maps for testing will be provided. We are working remotely with Skype calls when necessary. The previous artist will also be available to answer any questions or help if necessary.


    This is a profit share project. We are all working casually in our spare time on 2112TD so there is no budget for upfront fees. Instead we will offer payment based on the amount of work contributed and amount generated through;

    Game Sales

    Lite / Demo Advertising Revenue

    In-Game Content Sales

    Additionally, you will be fully credited and publicised wherever the project team is if your work is used in the final release of the game.

    If this sounds like a project you're interested in then please contact james (james@refineryproductions.com) to discuss further.

    Thanks for reading!

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