Looking for a level designer, have some money and stuff

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  • Update: no longer searching, but thank you for your interest!

    Hey Scirras,

    I'm looking for a level designer to help me complete a bunch of levels for a 2D puzzle platformer called Caver O'Connor.

    I think tryouts and audition type culling is pretty lame and bad for the industry, because you should be paid for your work instead of having to jump through hoops to try and land meager paying indie jobs. That said, I think prior work, a good name and a proven track record speaks for itself - so I'm looking for someone who has made some compelling, engaging, and fun 2D levels that they would be able to show in the form of a portfolio or something similar.

    I have money, too. I'm talking USD's and the like. Not a lot. But there is some, somewhere, and I would be willing to give some of that money to someone who would fit the bill. I am not quite ready to start cranking out levels quite yet, but I will be in maybe the next month or so - and in the meantime I might have an interim project that could use a few nice levels before launching.

    My engine uses levels built entirely in Tiled (tmx format) and spits them out into a playable format, so I'm willing to work out a rate per level for the number of levels I would need.

    I hope that's enough info. Thanks guys. If you're interested, please contact me using my contact form:


    Thanks homies.

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  • hey can i have more information about the size/count of tilesets? i can probably do something for you

  • Fidasx - thanks man, but actually I found a guy who seems to be working out well. I should close this...

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