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  • Hello. I am seeking an artist who can do vector based cartoon style art for a Kickstarter campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to put the game into the few months of development to finish the game. The game is 90% complete but needs a large graphic's overhaul, custom music, sound and some last code tweaking for polish, performance...

    For the Composer

    I'm seeking 1 piece of music apx 1 minute long that loops well. The music will act as both the games title music and the Kickstarter video music. If the KS is funded I'm offering $120. If the kickstarter is funded then the composer will have first choice to finish the game music. At this time all music is is royalty free sources.

    For the Artist

    If the KS is funded $500 of the funding goes to you the artist. However on successful funding the artist will get first option to be the artist for the game.

    If you are also a tween based animator who can use Spriter. I will add an additional $100 for some animations.

    Needed assets

    * Title banner

    * Banners and text depicting each category of the campaign

    * New player Spriter parts to show what a better art quality player will look like animated

    * Stretch goal table

    * Different unique coloured dragon icons to depict the standard colours, but unusual colours like neon black.

    * Logo

    * reward box to put icons in

    * icons depicting goals and rewards

    * couple of other bits I'm likely over looking

    For both

    If it's not funded then I do not have the finances to pay out. This is not a profit share in the sense of percentage of game sales; it just a simple on funded pay. All assets belong to the creator and will not be used in the game unless specifically allowed. Although if the KS is short only by a little another attempt can be made on Indiegogo which would re-use the assets.

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  • Thanks for the PM's. At this time I have interested parties for art and music. If that changes I will make updates

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