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  • Hey all, I have completed(for the most part) this game idea I have been working on.

    The prologue and core work of the game has been written out very precisely of how I would like the game to be developed, the only catch being that you need to be familiar with/and or understand the concept of deception implemented into a game. This will involve manipulation of the player's mind involving lack of context to surrounding elements(time, setting, clues/memories).

    This game will be a massive mind bender, so do not attempt unless you believe you have the mental capacity for this.

    I am looking for a dedicated worker that will be in contact with me at least one time per day(A simple "hey man, finished this bit up" will do).

    We will personally discuss details via Skype or any form of contact you prefer and I am comfortable using.

    Price of project will be discussed personally with me, and after a NDA has been completed, the NDA being generated by me.

    I have a packaged up preview of drawn images to create a basic idea of the look and feel of this game, the initial look will be minimalistic and not heavily graphics based, and more of a simulation based game with a bit of technicality mixed in.

    tl;dr: I am very excited to propose my game project, and believe you will come to love creating it. I am willing to pay for the project's completion and am seeking an intelligent mind capable of understanding the core concept of the game and creating a very similar finished product in comparison to the plans I have created.

    Any interested person can directly message me using this website, a Skype profile will be provided to any notable people requesting more information to this project.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • I'm interested, but I need to know more about how much work you intend for me to do, and also what the deadline is. Are you looking for someone to complete the entire game? Are you looking for just a programmer, artist, or designer?

  • This still open?

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