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  • Firstly I have been playing with Construct2 for a little while have done a few projects here and there(Never published) So I know a fair bit about construct, I will update this thread when help/ team members is needed.

    Project Name : Untitled at the moment.

    Roles Required : Programmer with good experience(Networking knowledge needed), and a good can-do attitude.

    Responsibilities: To build a well commented basic backbone, log in, data storage(log in name/PW), This will be built in 2 seperate clients, Host, and Peer(Player), there is a reason I wish it to be this way.(This will be just a prototype when I am finished). Future jobs may be a possibility if I feel a strong connection, that I could work as a team with you.

    Team Size : Unkown, 1 at the moment(Me)

    Compensation : Agreed in private

    TO APPLY : NDA/Contracts required. Please forward a short resume on why we should choose your(Personal, not job history), code sample and information on previous projects you have worked on to

    Note : I have a working example of how a Host, and Peer client Should work.

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