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  • Cutoff date for submissions: August 13

    Hey, I'm TechnoBeaver.

    I haven't been on this in a while, mainly because I don't make games anymore. I've been working on my YouTube channel a lot more actually. I'm looking to do a new game, a game made by one of you guys!

    I make short films and gaming videos, with even some of my work available on Amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/A-3-Step-Plan/dp ... +president ). My gaming channel has 300 subscribers, and my film channel has about 170. I'm looking to do a gaming video on any game you have, but it must be FINISHED or extremely close to being finished!

    If you are interested, please leave a link to your games. I'll take a look at all games listed, and if I choose to do a video on it, I'll send you a PM or reply on this topic, and let you know. THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE!


    -Must be a Windows PC application (No HTML website games or mobile games, must run via NW.js)

    -Must be a finished or beta game.

    -If your game costs money, or has extra paid content, I must receive the game and extra content for free.

    Depending on how many requests I get, I'll make one large montage video with all of the games, or even livestream it.

    Just a quick disclaimer too, the video will be monetized, and you will not be receiving any of the money earned from it. If I do a video on your game, I will leave a link to your game.

    Games confirmed for being in the video:


    Shuttle Siege

    Bad Pad

    You can see my channels here:

    youtube.com/skyanimationplus - Gaming Channel

    youtube.com/skyanimation - Film Channel

  • hey technobeaver,

    I am interested in your oppurtunity. I sent you a pm. it's a windows game so no worries there.

  • did you get my PM?

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  • Hi TechnoBeaver,

    Sounds very cool, check out my game, Bad Pad, if you're interested I'll pack you a NWjs version of it.


  • I'll totally check it out for a video. I'll PM you more details later.

    bakman910 I got your PM. Check my response, you have some issues with it.

  • I'm having difficulty sending you a PM, please email me at

  • Still looking for a few more games. Cutoff date is August 13, so submit your game soon if you're interested!

  • If you are still looking for some games, you could check out my 2D MOBA (Local-Multiplayer-Splitscreen only).

    It's not completely finished yet but the main things are finished already. The next 2 weeks I will have more time for developing it and maybe I get it a bit further until then. (Many graphics are only Placeholders! )

    Here you can test it if you are interested:


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