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  • Hello,

    I am currently building a game called Spatial-Flux, so far I have been building the game with free images available from other indie developers. But I want to take the game to the next level so I am now looking for a game sprite artist who can help create new sprites for all the different areas of the game.

    I will likely start with commissioning a small amount of work and then will run a crowdfunding project at some point to complete the game and release it.

    Ideally I will be looking for an artist to create sprites (some with animations) for 2D spaceships (E.g. like space pirates and zombies) weapons, objects, and structures in space.

    I will also be looking for someone to design a nice looking menu, buttons, background etc.

    The game already has a character artist on board, who will be building our games cut scenes and character portraits and images for events and when talking to alien races and human npc's. The portraits and cut scenes are being designed a heavily anime influenced style. So ideally I would like the game sprites to offer a similar anime/realistic quality.

    If you think you can do any of the above then either reply, mesg me or email me at tilley_adamtqs@hotmail.com

    thank you.

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  • I can help , But which art ?

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