Looking for a freelancer to develop small erotic/adult games

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  • Platform: Web (HTML5)

    Duration of the project: ~4-6 weeks

    We’re looking for someone who would be making a small erotic/adult game. You would be in charge of everything meaning that you would make the game from A to Z (programming, art, ...). You would be the one coming up with the idea. You can come up with pretty much anything as long as everything’s legal. We're expecting a basic GDD before starting the project so that we can agree on the plot and the schedule. Looking at the duration of the project mentioned above should give you an idea on how small/big the game has to be. There's an opportunity to make many more games after this one if all went well.

    If you're interested leave me your portfolio if you have any and your infos (email, skype, ...) and I'll reach out to you.

    Talk to you soon!

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