Looking For A Free 2D Artist For Mobile Game [F2P]

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  • Hello everyone,

    Im here on the forums today looking for an artist that wants to work together to try and make a mobile game for the android market ect....

    This is not a PAID job, This game will be free to play for people on mobile with hopes of adding IAP if the development goes well. Its not hard to sell content these days and i feel F2P with IAP is the best route to take in our economy.

    The game i had in mind was something similar to the game Plague Inc. I would love to create a strategy game similar but not cloned.

    I feel as if this style of game is very untapped along with the fact that there are next to none that are free to play for people. Im also very open to doing any project and open to all ideas old or new.

    All in all i just want to try and sharpen my skills and learn but at the same time work with another person who is on that same road.

    I have one project on google play called Galactica Turrets and it was done in a very short time due to time constraints from other people on the team.

    Big or small im willing to try something new with anyone that is free. msg me here or at i look forward to working with you.

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  • Hey I know it's been 2 weeks but if you're still looking for someone I'm an amateur at coding but I have experience in animation. I also have a little experience in story/lvl/character design but that might not help with your game. I could create decent art but my main skill is animating art I already have. I would love to work on something new to help hone my skills so if you are willing I would love to help you out

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