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  • Hi!

    I am looking for a Construct 2 Developer/s who will be willing to work for free until Crowd Funding is done. We will be working with Free version first until we have enough funds to buy Contsruct 2 or we could also work with Construct Classic. The first game we will be making is gonna be release in PC only so either 2 or Classic will work.

    First we will work on demos for Crowd Funding so not much work will be needed or maybe a buttload of work. I don't have the art yet for the game because I am still making the game mechanics but after a developer is on board with this project I will start making the game art.

    I am still figuring out on what game to make, I have a total of 3 games concept now. The genre of the game concepts that I have are RTS and 2 RPG.

    PM me or post below if you are interested. Please post below if you want me to elaborate the game concepts that I have. I am more in favor of the RTS but if you want to make RPG's just tell me.

  • What is your team roster needed? Meaning, you must be the artist bc you only want devs? Also a strategy game in less than 100 events? And, no NDA or % offers?

  • Well maybe 1 Dev is enough if he can manage to make the demo, I don't know if a strategy game can fit 100 events that is why I stated Construct Classic for the demo if the dev want to continue in Construct Classic that will also be fine.

    There will be no NDA until crowd funding is done, since we will be just talking on what to put in the demo and since all the mechanics and plans will be publish in public NDA is not necessary at this point.

    Offers will be finalized after I have the team since the team number is not yet definite.

    Rev-Sharing will start after the game is finished and starts to make money, the money generated from Crowd Funding will be split into software purchases, wages for other devs/artists and other misc fees. The Dev/s that will be hired here will also receive some compensation with the Crowd Funding funds depending on how much we raise in the campaign.

  • If one dev might be enough, what would your role be?

    You mention revenue sharing but also hiring devs. Sorry if I'm splitting hairs but will you be forming a team of partners or employees (or both)?

    If you are looking for music, take a look at my music samples:


  • Sorry if I was not very clear about this.

    I am an artist and I will be making the art for the game. You can say I am forming a team of partners for now because I can't promise a definite wage. After the campaign if we have enough funds I am planning on hiring freelancer so that the workload will not be too harsh and it will make the development faster.

  • Thanks for the clarification. I wish we all could be in a position to guarantee an income. Sadly, this is usually not the case.

    If you looking for music, let me know: gamemusicsls@1billionhex.com

    I'd be happy to discuss arrangements that benefit everyone.

    Good luck!


  • 1BillionHex you will be the first in line to be considered when I start adding music<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

    Yes I wish I could guarantee an income but in this case I can't. That is why if nobody will be interested after a week I will just make the demo myself luckily there are a bunch of tutorials and I could always ask the community for help<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

  • The problem is that even crownfunding is not guaranteed

  • The problem is that even crownfunding is not guaranteed

    Yup, that is why I just ask to make a demo. I just want to show people in the campaign that we are dedicated developers and will finish the game in the promise date.

  • A link to your artwork would be appreciated.

  • Sadly I still haven't made the game art yet, I will try to make them this week and hopefully I post them next week.

  • Well any artwork to prove your skills and whether it is going to be a good partnership would be helpful to all in making their decisions.

  • i am a developer beginner with construct2.

    You can see some of my works at matbo-spiele.de

    as you can see graphics are not my thing :)

    but I like creating and optimizing event sheets.

    rpg and rts sound interesting. But with rts I always fear the performance with construct2. too much active, strong physic instances can slow down the fps very hard and too much means already 4 or 5 of them (my experiences). My favorites are turn-based games (like board-game-adaptions)

    anyway, if you still need someone for the demos I provide my (hopefully increasing) skills and motivation! I look forward to analyse your concepts and to talk with you about them.



  • I was also interested in any previous art you had done arvin00. I googled your name and found a couple of hits, it would of course be better if you linked to your own work :) but in lack of that this is what I found:


    Have you done this arvin00?

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  • I was also interested in any previous art you had done arvin00. I googled your name and found a couple of hits, it would of course be better if you linked to your own work :) but in lack of that this is what I found:


    Have you done this arvin00?

    yeah that is me, I also have this if you are interested


    anyway as you can see I am more inclined in 3D, I haven't posted in here for quite a while because I have a bit of problem in making character sheets in 3D. I am investing my time in researching and practicing NPR(Non Photorealistic Rendering) which I will be using in the game. If you still wish to work with me I will make some sort of a small community where we would be talking about the game and what to do next.

    Thanks for considering

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