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  • Hello, first of all, I apologize for my spelling, I'm french.

    I would like to create an application on andoid / windows / apple, the concept would be a kind of rpg arcade mode up to 5 maps, the idea is that monsters appear on the map, and the player more kills, the more there monsters that appear, the player can navigate 5 maps in total, it would be the same style as the zombie games Call Of Duty but in 2D RPG mode.

    Regarding the graphics style and ideas, I would recreate the world in some sort of Naruto Manga, so in the manga / feudal japan style.

    I am looking for a developer to easily create a small script that would allow when a monster dies, two reappear, with this a scoring system for the player.

  • So you only need someone for this part "when a monster dies, two reappear, with this a scoring system for the player" or for overall rpg game ?

  • For the global systems game.

  • If that's the case you should write exactly what you need and what you can offer in exchange. Because you are looking for someone to make entire game for you - which is difficult, time consuming, and it won't be cheap.

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  • Money.

  • Je t'ai envoyé un mp.

  • Skaaz

    Hey money is great. I will work for money. However while I'm intrigued to work on your project. The details are sparse and sparse details make it really hard to give an adequate estimate. You mention RPG ish. Is there Experience, Leveling, Different equipment?

    So please. I'm willing to do the work as are others if the game is already well fleshed out and a reasonable amount.

  • Give me your email or skype and I'll contact you

  • Hello, I would request that you contact me by email (z.skaaz[AT]gmail.com) or MP.

    The game is a simple RPG Survival, with only 3 levels and interfaces, knowing that artificial intelligence, moving, and orders have already been programmed by Vagaev. dl[POINT]dropboxusercontent[POINT]com/u/106706072/Shinobi%20v1.2/index.html

    Here is what to Vagaev (He quit because lack of time) And here are two concept image I created.

  • UP

  • so would you like someone to continue the work left off by the other programmer, or start from scratch?

  • Start from scratch or continue the work by the other programmer regardless..

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