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  • I'm looking for someone to help me build my board game into a multiplayer video game for the mobile market.

    I have the artwork, I need a template built for the game mechanics, etc. Here are the basic details below. Thanks!

    The game is a mix of "King of New York" meets "Small World".

    Each player has a 3x3 grid they can place their 3 pre-selected characters (from a roster of 9) anywhere on one of their 9 squares.

    They then each take turns moving if they choose and picking a target to roll a dice against. They attack each other until one team is knocked out.

    Movement is limited to 1 sqaure. The tricky part is that each character has slight modifications that affect their roll.

    If you think you can pull this off please get back to me with your availability and hourly rate and I will repy with more details. Thank you.


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