LOOKING FOR A DEV ! (france/paris)

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  • hello !

    im a work in video.

    im a a director for ads

    here is our website : trotar.fr

    our vimeo : vimeo.com/trotar

    actually i play with construct 2 and have the projet of doing some indies games.

    i'm currently making a top down shooter, like hotline miami.

    the project is going well , it works and seems promising BUT

    im not a coder and i've got a slow frame rate on my prototype because i dont know how doing it better.

    i can make game design, story, all graphism, game play, but i would like to find a coder to help me debbuging and coding what i cant do.

    im open to work with somebody online , but it would be far better if i could find someone in paris to work with.

    we have a place to work in paris.

    if you are interested , please contact me, and i'll show you the project.


  • Too bad I live in Nantes : ( Is it a paid offer?

  • hello lowren !

    nice blog

    NO , its not paid offer, im making it on freetime and have no budget.

    but the game will makes millions on steam , so we can share profits :)

  • Kyatric

    did you get my mail ?

    i've got no answer from you.

    sorry i cant anwer you here. not enough rep.

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  • krish

    unfortunately, i dont have a budget to offer.

    i can offer to share profit if we achieve a good quality game, thats all.

  • I got your emails, I'll answer to them soon, need a bit of time to review it.

    Glad you already got some stuff fixed though.

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