Looking for a creative script writer [PAID]

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  • What I'm looking for:

    I'm looking for someone to write a script for an Animated Short.

    The genre is Sci-fi/Fantasy and the tone I'd be looking for would be ranging from Spirited Away to FLCL (we can discuss this if you have a better idea).

    When you message me:

    When you contact me tell me:

    -Your Name and preferred contact info

    -Links to your previous related work

    -Your rates

    -Other skills you can offer (bi/multilingual, writing for games/mindmaps, and et cetera)

    -Your favorite animated movie or animated series and why (important)

    -Any other work you'd like to share or find relevant (like work you've done that's cool and nice or works from others that inspire or fascinate you)

    Contact me either through:

    Tumblr (fastest) [ keetoncat.tumblr.com/ ]


    Email (checked hourly) [ ] PLEASE MAKE THE EMAIL SUBJECT ANIMATION SCRIPT + YOUR NAME this is so I don't get you confused with someone else (thank you)

    Things to Know:

    1) This may function as a Pilot so I'm looking for someone that may want to work together again. (woohoo teamwork!)

    2) I only use PAYPAL or SQUARE CASH I will not pay through any other system.

    3) I may want revisions! So please anticipate and plan for for me to be a semi-picky client. (make sure you know what you'd charge for revisions as well)

    4) Don't be afraid to talk or even chit-chat. I'm a freelancer, not a corporate stiff neck, so I want to make sure we work well together. <3

    5) Please have your own contract

    That's all~

    Feel free to ask any questions when you contact me and I'll be glad to answer! x)

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  • I might be able to help you out, but I need paid work, some money upfront.

    I have tons of creative writing and other samples.

    Is this offer still open?

  • My apologies, I already have a writer for this specific project. Thank you for your interest tho

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