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  • Hi

    I am looking for Construct3 Developer who can create a Drag and Drop FlowChart Builder.

    We orginatlly wrote it in C# in 2007 for dekstop use and now want it in HTML5.

    We can do some of the work and happy to pay a developer to help us build some of the early stage concept / logic / structure of it.

    Concept is pretty simple.

    We need a toolbox on the left as below, these are just text boxes named as below or sprites:-




    Run SQL





    The user, drags an item from the toolbox and then others and create in effect a flow chart. You connect with lines/connectors from one to another. It then looks like a flow chart.

    Ultimately this then is saved and we convert the flow to XML and our telecoms switches run through the XML and manage the call flow.

    So if you are interested please email me at tony.turner at nodemax.com



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  • Hello,

    Check your inbox.

    Thanks in advance,


    odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com


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