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  • Hey all im gr33n ,have been using construct some years now back and fort from construct classic..

    really like it but sometimes making games alone is kinda booring and i have so many new ideas that old ones usualy get unfinished ..

    so i would really like to find some pall or ppl who would like to try make some game together

    i usualy do all my games from scratch by myself drawings , animation and think how to solve problems this way i learn.. but i think i would get some games done faster with collabing and will motivate me to make evn more games ..

    so hit me up here or dm me looking forward to collaabb and see ur posts

  • Hi, I am interested

    Let me what do you need from me....

    and also the earning for the game

    Awaiting to hear further


  • Hey there I am interested as well. It sucks making games alone lol. I have only basic knowledge for construct 2 but also have basic knowledge of actual programming language so I understand concepts a bit easier, I am just finishing up my first game in construct 2 which is an arcade spaceshooter style game. Still have tweaking to do for difficulty and timing, plus adding in a few more things but if you want to see an example of what I've been able to do for my first game I have a beta version posted on kongregate here:

    https://www.kongregate.com/games/rbaile ... alaxy-beta

    Not advertising. Just to show that I do have some understanding and knowledge of construct 2 and the more games I try to make the more I'll learn.

    DM me if you're interested in possibly teaming up to work on a project. I don't really have much in the way of artistic ability but can manipulate some things in photoshop as I've had to do with this project, my main area of interest is the actual coding and designing side. I have some writing skills so for story line and/or dialogue stuff I can do a fair job

  • hi, i can help you

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  • Im a programmer

    i user very well construct 2

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