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  • First off,

    I AM AN AMAZZZINNNG GAME CONCEPT CREATOR. I KNOW HOW to make us rich/famous. IF you are looking for the MOST FUN concept designer you can get... LOOK no FURTHER. I AM WILD. I HAVE IDEAS THAT YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF in your wildest dreams, that are simple to create (really depends on your experience level though) . You want an idea that can make you famous/rich? LOOK. NO. FURTHER.


    I am a music producer and concept designer, and I am looking for a coding partner for Construct 2.

    -Why would I make a good production partner?

    I am not the most sophisticated visual designer... My strongest points are sound production, and concept design. When I say concept design, I mean that I know what kind of games would possibly become a hit, therefore I know which direction to go. On the game's sounds... Look no further. I have an ear for gaming music, so unlike many others I can make sounds that sound high quality, and most importantly RELEVANT to the game's genre.

    -My personality I would make a PERFECT partner, for people who are looking for someone who is positive and encouraging. I will not EVER, put my needs before my team, because teamwork is about working together.

    -My sole objective? What I wish to get of a team, is a product (game) that shows how the beauty of teamwork can create a masterpiece. Of course, I want us to make profits off of such product, by posting our result work to google play, and split earnings for our product 50/50. I am a very kind person, who you would NEVER EVER, have to worry about, taking advantage of partner. Let's become rich together, as a wonderful team

    Thank you so much for reading this post, and please, have beautiful, positive day.

    Much Love- New Aquarian.

  • Great.

    You can contact me : equalthegame(at)gmail.com

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  • Here is an example! I made a cool Old School Hip Hop Instrumental on Sound Cloud. Even though I did not remaster it to make it sound clearer, it still sounds great. soundcloud . com/new-aquarian/the-oldschool-hiphop-beat

  • I think I'm interested. Contact me: or skype: aidan310

  • hit me up at and check my post to look at the HUGE game project post i made for details on my game. I could use some good feedback, concepts for games/mini games, and other aspect of the game. Have a read, and if interested, hit me up!

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