Looking for coder ! ( simple first project )

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  • Hello everyone !

    For a long time now I've been interested in creating games inspired by the ones I played back in my childhood.

    I've worked on several projects but they've unfortunately died in fires.

    I'm looking to get back into the game ( no pun intended ^^ ) and I'm wondering if there are any coders out there who want to work with me.

    I design characters and levels, ( think 8 - 16 bit style ) do animations and story writing. I am even able to make some music.

    Of course I am totally open to input from another person when it comes to the look, feel and story of a game.

    But what I really need is someone that knows all the technicalities.

    I'm not looking to do something absurdly crazy like a hardcore rpg where you put 100's of your hours into.

    Maybe just a simple platformer ? Something Mario ? Zelda ?

    Maybe just a pong clone or space invaders.

    Let me know if you're interested in doing the code for me and we'll discuss our ideas and plans on skype or steam.

    If you are indeed interested in doing a simple project with me I'll send you some of my work.

    Take care and happy gaming !

    Lbird ( l.bird-mensonides(at)hotmail(dot)com )

  • I would love to help with anything code related, add me on Skype: jespertenholder .

  • Thanks for everyone emailing and pming me ! ( and of course the reply from Goodfeet right here ) I just wanted to let people know I can't pm back cause my rep isn't high enough ( I'm not sure how that gets higher XD ) So email me or post a response right here

    Ps : LevelUpJordan if you're reading this I didn't get your mail friend D:

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  • Lbird I'm interested. Skype : hadzy.1

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