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  • I am looking for a coder to develop a game for me. The project will be a PC based game.

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  • You should add more details to your request. What kind of game, how big this game will be, what you offer in exchange...

  • I am looking for someone to help code a game used for vision training. Initially the game will have a main portal which you will choose some main options ie contrast, etc and then you will choose the game you want to play. The game will then apply the options chosen in the main menu to the game you are playing. The platform will be flexible to allow us to have other programmers develop games that will meet our coding requirements and be able to plug them into our system, thereby allowing us to expand to multiple games.

    The games will technically not be 3d but they will require different input for each eye. The system will need options to output to passive 3d TV, Zeiss cinemizer and oculus rift.

    I will be looking to do crowdfunding for this project and I will be paying for the contract, so I will need to discuss estimated costs.

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