Looking for Client-Side C2 Experienced Programmer[PAID]

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  • Hello all!

    My name is Mikey and I am looking for someone who can help me and my team finish some projects in Construct 2. We have only recently acquired a personal license and so far, the kit is amazing. Problem is, I am not truly fluent in programming. I know HTML, CSS, some PHP, but overall I'm the designer, writer, creator and coordinator. My partner is an amazing programmer, and does everything I cannot. However, He hates client-side, and loves to work on the backend with server related items and things behind the scenes. That being said were looking for someone to do the parts he would rather not and help spread the workload to finish projects faster.

    The Goal: To finish our main project, and then discuss working with us on other projects for several platformers and one arena game.

    The Game: Icon Universe is a 2D Social Avatar game. We are much like Gaia Online, Habbo Hotel or Neopets. What separates us from these websites is not only do we allow avatar dressup, and to socialize in a pseudo-roleplay manner, with minigames and other fun features; We allow users to draw their own designs. Anyone from novice to expert in pixel drawing and creation has the ability to create new clothing, accessories, even character species and pets. With this, theoretically you could be an alien or wolf creature, a griffin for a pet, or just head out in your modern steampunk attire. With our design, all outfits and accessories are fully integrated weather made by us or an individual user, and this allows the character into the website, games, cinematics and more. Were also brimming with hopes to have future realtime viewing(like twitch) for artists to show off their skills or demonstrate a tutorial.

    The Job(and its requirements): The job is to create a front-end client for our project, Icon Universe. With the website almost 100%, we need a place for users to take their avatars from the site and walk around, interact, enjoy their creations. For that, we need to make a sort of minigame for the game. This includes assembling a login screen, the menu/interface, the assembly of rooms for individual users to interact, move, and decorate within, and integrate our current systems in place(such as game currency, buy/sell/trade/shops, outfit change, chat, etc). All required materials will be provided including graphics and detailed descriptions to help you along the way. We ask anyone who is inquiring about this project to have a lot of experience and fully understand Construct 2. We also prefer you have created and published games before, however its not required(we all start somewhere). We will interview everyone equally, and a demonstration of skills will be required. so if you feel you can handle this project please contact me.

    The Pay: Working with our growing team is on a freelance and pay-per-project basis(not hourly). We do accept people on as team members if we work well together(the entire team started as freelance). Financials can be negotiated and once agreed upon, a contract will be signed stating the project will be finished in full as described for the agreed upon price. We pay half in the beginning and half upon finishing, with you holding rights to your work until the final half is paid(this excludes any coding or graphics, logos, etc we may have provided. You simply hold rights to your code and c2 designs). If more is to be added or adjusted to the project, you will get more money for your time. Pretty simple, and its to protect you more than us. We hate to get a bad reputation for something as silly as a bad deal, so we just eliminate the bad deal completely


    Skype(Preferred): Icon-Universe


    Scirra: Tokoshiro

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  • Let's talk.

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