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  • I'm developing an MMO for mobile, and am looking for an experienced Construct3 developer to support with bug fixes and complicated features.

    Quick summary of the game:

    • Set in early-1700s in a semi-fictional world
    • Fight and trade your way to fame, glory and coin
    • Sail for one of the three colonial powers, or for yourself as a pirate
    • (Imagine a mix of Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Planetside 2 and Runescape)

    (Excuse the graphics, all the assets are placeholders!)


    So far I've built approx 60% of the game myself over the past 2 months, including movement, combat, inventory, NPCs, locations, a basic multiplayer and player-data server syncing.

    What I'm looking for

    I need an experienced developer to help me with the next 'obstacles', including effects, a proper multiplayer, better NPC AI, a quest framework, performance optimisations and help ironing out some bugs across the existing features.

    I'd prefer to work with someone on a rev-share basis (and be in it for the long-haul), but I'm happy to receive paid bids as well!

    Any questions, let me know :)

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  • Hello,

    Trust you're keeping good.

    Surely, we can assist you on your requirements.

    Please Reach me on my Email- Trish(@)cisinlabs{dot}com



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