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  • Hi I'm looking for someone who is really good with C2, arrays, AI, behaviors, etc.

    You will be working on a platformer, fixing code and adding new code for levels, enemies, etc.

    I'm a 3D/PSD artist, with over 10 yrs exp

    Here's what I have so far:


    This isn't a casual game, and is long term 1 yr project. With profit sharing.

    Please link to samples of work.

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  • Well I was expecting better for 1 year project.

    If you don't mind i will make some remarks.

    The sound of the robot shoot is awful, too much high frequencies and anyway the volume is too high.

    Use preload samples because when i tested the sound was delayed.

    But what's most disturbing considering you are a 10 years experienced graphic artist is the background.

    Animations are okay for a prototype but the parallax is very messy, by moments i can't distinguish where to go.

    I suggest blur and better aesthetics.

    Regarding the programming i can fix it for you but i am interested by a paid position.

    Anyway good luck with your project

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