Looking For C2 Buddies For Unfinished Projects !!!

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  • Hi Friends,

    I am really looking for buddies to help each other for unfinished projects.

    what is in my mind !!

    whenever you start making a game around midway a better idea came popping up in your mind and you start making that game thinking that these two game will go parallel and after that it takes the same route , and at the last, game keep piling up in our computer . I myself have 5 game started and stop in between, so i sought help with other buddies of C2 to came forward and lets us share our unfinished projects and at lest show them the light of this world.

    # what you will get in helping each other, well, complete source code of the game and you can also use it on your project with little change.

    # Come on, I know there are plenty of people who have plenty of game remained stalled and unused for years due to lack of interest and other priority in life.

    # Bring all of your unpublished stalled games and lets share and begin to show these games light of world.

    # lets give a try.

    May be you all will not agree, but if any one of you have better idea tell me, i am in you boat. or came on my boat.

    contract me samblue661 gmail. com

  • hey joyland thanks for this offer, already send you message. i have my own stalled games. we will discuss how to make that happen. sorry for my english ( i am from korea) .

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  • sound great, let us see, what you can offer. pm you.

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